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  • Bridgerton New Netflix Series!

    So let me take you back to the beginning of 2019 and I am asked to be involved on a new exciting project, all top secret, NDA’s are signed and I start reading the script of this new large project…

    Meetings, many phone calls and emails exchanged then arranging workshops, checking out dance studios, collating short lists of dancers – skill sets and inviting dancers for auditions for the Producers, the show runner Chris Van Dusen and Director Julie-Anne Robinson.

    Quite a few auditions arranged and recalls for Jack Murphy, Choreographer & Movement Director. Finalising the pool of chosen dancers – arranging fittings with the amazing Costume and Hair & Make up Departments. 

    So Season 1 of Bridgerton  had 11 Balls! With a team of dancers and SA’s for every one, each ball with an entirely different feel, purpose and energy, providing the dancers with many different styles to learn. Jack Murphy gave them all a brilliant back-story to their roles. The period, a proper history lesson to be part of “The Ton” – and what the balls, the etiquette and social rules then meant. For many of the dancers this process of working was new to them – but they loved it. Often dancers just get asked to dance. Jack very much wanted them to be a part of the scene and act too. His knowledge is immense and his generosity in sharing this with all the actors and the dancers is an integral part of the Bridgerton magic.

    I personally always love finding the right people for projects also logistics, spreadsheets, planning and being in touch with Equity . The production team and all the crew were amazing on this project –different locations being transformed – by an army of talented workers, carpenters, florists, horse and carriages all around the UK.

    Here now in 2021 the Netflix Series Bridgerton, Season 1, has broken records – watched by an estimated 82 Million people Worldwide!

    So proud of the whole team involved and my small part in such a success story. In a very difficult year for our industry we are delighted to be part of some welcome escapism that we all needed! 

    Hope you Enjoy!

  • Goldwell Global Zoom Vienna!

    We had a great time working on this show in Vienna with Sophie as Live Action Producer, orchestrating flights/logistics, costumes and budget. Collaborating with creative director Kevan Allen working wonders and our dancers smashing it on stage. It truly was a spectacular show to watch with a creative fusion of dance, catwalk and colour!

  • I and the team are in New Delhi, India with creative director/ choreographer Kevan Allen and an amazing team of dancers / acrobats and gymnasts doing a show for an exclusive Wedding for a very special client – Collaborating with Acrobat Productions. Exciting times!

  • LEXUS show at the Geneva Motor Show!

    It was a pleasure to work with the team at Lexus to deliver a performance that made them stand out above the competition! Both us at Sophies People & Lexus thoroughly enjoyed the day at Geneva Motor Show 🙂

  • Chelsea Flower Garden Show!

    Sophies People recently enjoyed co-ordintaing a Press Day Event at the Chelsea Flower Show for one of the Award winning show gardens

    “The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden”

    Mini Einsteins could be seen examining and measuring the Nick Bailey designed garden.

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